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In 2023, the global HRO market valued at $32.8 billion is projected to reach $45.8 billion by 2027, with a 4.9% annual growth rate, driven by recruitment analytics and digitisation adoption. Over 45% of businesses spend a day or more weekly on HR admin issues, often due to resource limitations. HR outsourcing, particularly tapping overseas partners for cost-effective skilled HR services, has been a game changer for many companies, presenting an efficient HR management model that's yet to be fully embraced.

Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing

Time zone benefits

HR outsourcing empowers your organization to operate seamlessly across different time zones. Through outsourcing, you can enlist international talent to serve in specific roles, ensuring productivity even beyond regular business hours.

Outsource global talent

HR outsourcing enables access to a vast talent pool while delivering substantial cost efficiencies. It not only provides access to global talent but also opens doors to a wealth of valuable resources.

Time-saving procedures

It eliminates the need for labour-intensive HR tasks like managing payroll, recruitment, onboarding, and other administrative functions, allowing businesses to reclaim valuable time.

Lower Administration costs

HR outsourcing can reduce these costs by around 20%, allowing businesses to refocus on their core strengths.

Our Stats

Helped 72% of business to focus on their core business operations and expand
Cost reduction of 57% in HR operations
Provided 28% more global operational scalability

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